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Classic Car Restoration - 1967 Corvette
Sterling, VA 1967 Corvette Restoration

The 1967 C2 Corvette is a beautiful vehicle, built to be as light as possible, with a big V8. Half a century later, this vehicle usually fetches over $100,000 sale prices and it is very difficult to find one in good shape.

The restoration project began with a bone stock Corvette, the customer wanted to drive it regularly so we set off to update the vehicle to our current era. A complete suspension overhaul was performed, absolutely every suspension and steering component was replaced or rebuilt, the vehicle was upgraded with a coil over suspension, aligned, and corner balanced. The handling and road feel drastically improved. The braking system was overhauled to cope with the more aggressive handling.

Reliable, Fast, inexpensive Classic car restoration

This particular variant did not have A/C installed from the factory. A "modern" vintage air unit was retrofitted to the vehicle, and the driver the fresh air vent was kept in tact. While inside the dash, it was decided to replace the vehicle's wire harness and to rewire and refinish the gauge cluster. Also a custom carpet was fitted to the vehicle and hand sewn where necessary.

The fuel and ignition systems refreshed and carburetor was tuned before sending the vehicle off with the owner.

1967 Corvette
1967 Corvette1
1967 Corvette

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